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erotmil on 7 months ago
Hello from Orlando FL, CR today at 5
bioscience on 1 year ago
Hi family
cyoung on 1 year ago
I'm interested in initiating a CR Ministry, would we receive support somehow? Meaning primRily advisory support?
cyoung on 1 year ago
What books do you recommend? I have Some Sat in Darkness, is there anything else?
erotmil on 1 year ago
Hi Are the new classes being recorded and available for download?
hmullan on 2 years ago
Group formats are found in the Download section. (Link above)
Ap4365nyu on 2 years ago
Hi Guys does anyone know the journal format group A wit journal/ B without ?
hmullan on 2 years ago
Thanks Jessie. Someday i hope to do a better version.
JELAJESS09 on 2 years ago
i just want to thank all the brothers that did the mock video on how to do a CR group. it was great!!!!
JELAJESS09 on 2 years ago
hey everyone

hmullan on 2 years ago
Finally, I have fixed all the articles that were damaged by the upgrade. Phew tiring stuff. As always if you see anything crazy, let us know with the contact form. smile
hmullan on 2 years ago
Sorry folks if you had sign up and log in issues. Should be fixed now. smile
JELAJESS09 on 2 years ago
thanks hmullan im in
hmullan on 3 years ago
Good. Thanks Torsha
Torsha Lynch on 3 years ago
Thanks Harry I am in!!
hmullan on 3 years ago
I got a bunch back. Did you reply all?or just to me? Send me an email and let me know you are interested and I will add you to the group.
erotmil on 3 years ago
Harry emails bounced in response to your conference call/chat idea
erotmil on 3 years ago
Getting ready for CR in Orlando , thx Harry for this site I find it to be a great resource , Eric R
P.S. I crashed the Orlando website doing an update should be back up soon as I can find the Back up file.
Will message you if the links change
Tom Messina on 3 years ago
Tonight we will doing Staying Sober for the Holidays for midweek. Hope it helps the right folks. Tom M.
hmullan on 3 years ago
Been upgrading the site so if you see a few bugs let me know. The contact us page is broken but I hope to have it fixed soon. Also I have limited the download area to members only. Stay Tuned smile
erotmil on 4 years ago
Nationwide update (observation) . I've met CR grads that moved and told me many have decided that if alcohol was not their drug of choice its OK to drink, I would advise against this view, many addicts will relapse or become alcoholics if they decide to make this there conviction. The addiction recovery communities teach abstinence and CR has always taught that. Provs 6:27 one verse
erotmil on 4 years ago
Been working my twelve steps in NA
learning alot.
We are doing the CR classes in June , opening it up to the church (just for the classes)
Looking forward to the CR convention in NY too. be well all . E
erotmil on 4 years ago
we have a few planning on going to the CR convention in May . is there any info on this site about it yet?
hmullan on 5 years ago
We have had a few here too. Like you said, we are not the conscience of everyone. Each person has to make their own decisions taking into account not only how it will affect them but also others watching their example.
erotmil on 5 years ago
to clarify some CR grads are claiming they were never addicts, just that they were put through CR.
One guy says he was told to go to CR but just stopped smoking and using illegal drugs, now he can drink socially without ever getting drunk.
I am not the conscience of everyone they have their own, CR is just here to help where it can.
erotmil on 5 years ago
Congrads Tia !
Thanks for the comments about CR grads drinking socially again, its not just one person, its a trend .
People graduated years ago that drink may experience powerlessness to the drink again and they may not if they claim they do not get drunk then its hard to call it sin. Time will tell.
With an opiate addict taking a prescribed opiate for pain I have advised addicts they can cause themselves a relapse and should not do it, but some have done it anyway. One key there is the addict needs to tell the prescribing doctor that they are an addict. then the dose will only be for 7 days (short term) still the medication can spark the addict into a relapse .
hmullan on 5 years ago
I would agree with Dink. Everything is possible but not everything beneficial. What are the benefits of me drinking again when it was drink that caused so much damage in my life. Why would I want to test God and the power He gave me to stop? This is not an act of faith and anything not done through faith is sin. So in the case of a recovering addict, it is sin to pick up again. What does anyone else think?
hmullan on 5 years ago
Congratulations! That's fantastic. Keep on keeping on and sharing that good news. cheesey cheesey
Dink on 5 years ago
Congratulations Tia!Much continued success in Christ.
Dink on 5 years ago
You are correct, drinking is not sin, but there is very fine line with drinking and drunkenness, especially for former C.R. members. Remember, as addicts and alcoholics we are in recovery for the rest of our lives, so why take the risk. This graduate seems to have lost all sensitivity to where drinking can lead them to. Ice cold water and kool-aid are great alternatives. Satan is very patient, and this person will most likely experience drunkenness again. I'm just saying.
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