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Installed reCaptcha

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Wed May 27 2009, 04:40PM
cradmin Admin Registered Member #6 Joined: Wed Dec 01 2004, 12:12PM
Posts: 3
The site has been having issues with spam comments and forum posts. This is where spammers load ads for anything and everything into forum and comment posts in the hope someone will click on them and make them money.
These get removed as they are discovered. In order to help combat this the site uses reCaptcha (http://recaptcha.net/) This is the popup box that asks you to enter letters or repeat words depending which option you choose. I don't think it is totally fool proof but it is a great advantage. Comments that cannot use reCaptcha are held for me to view and either agree with or delete. Guess which option I choose.biglaugh.png

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