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Question for the teens

LAN_402 LAN_403
Sun Nov 14 2004, 02:27PM
Registered Member #2 Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 07:00PM
Posts: 0
I'm starting to put together ideas on a teen CR presentation/class. What I'd like to start by asking the teens in our teen ministries what they would like to know about addiction and/or the CR ministry. Although I am a teen worker, I'm also close to 40, so I would like to hear from the teens themselves about what they want to learn on this subject.

If you could ask your teens or have the teens leaders ask this question, I'd really appreciate it.
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Mon Aug 01 2005, 01:42PM
rrose56 Registered Member #23 Joined: Tue Jul 05 2005, 04:31PM
Posts: 4
Great ministry to the teens. We had a teen girl (17 - she was emancipated) who was converted through CR a few years ago. She is doing great and remains faithful! The concern about teens in a CR were the liability issues if the parents were not disciples. I do not recall the outcome but I would suggest getting a lot of input on a teen CR ministry. Of course if the folks are disciples then I imagine they would welcome and encourage their teens going through. I would. I would try to identify the teens who may have needs in my sector/region. Let me know how this all goes. I know of a teen who is making some bad choices right now. Thanks! shades [ Edited Mon Aug 01 2005, 01:00PM ]
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Thu Apr 19 2007, 04:14AM
Registered Member #143 Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 07:00PM
Posts: 0
Hi! I am a newbie here and I am really blessed by your works. Keep it up!

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Tue Aug 21 2007, 10:18AM
erotmil Registered Member #62 Joined: Sun Oct 09 2005, 08:41AM
Posts: 4
Hey all,
I'm presently serving in the teen ministry here in Orlando, graduated CR in 89 in NY. I am also planning on speaking to the teens here, I plan on sharing about my life and conversion + some stats/facts . More than your typical "just say no" talk. Perhaps we can post how it goes in this thread.
I will ask and post what the Orlando teens say!
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Wed Sep 05 2007, 06:58PM
Editor Admin Registered Member #9 Joined: Tue Mar 15 2005, 04:06PM
Posts: 26
Hey Eric

Its Harry. I for one, would love to hear how it goes and if you make a recording of it I will post it on the site also. Thanks for the heads up.
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Sun Jun 01 2008, 06:24PM
erotmil Registered Member #62 Joined: Sun Oct 09 2005, 08:41AM
Posts: 4
Hey Harry!
Hi everyone. Didn't get to do a class for the teens yet, but did do communion for our teen service, what can you say in about 5 minutes? I'm sure God allowed the right words to be said. Presently I have a few guys wanting CR , we are meeting tonight with 1 or 2 only,and hope we get more people in CR soon.
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Sun Sep 07 2008, 07:03PM
erotmil Registered Member #62 Joined: Sun Oct 09 2005, 08:41AM
Posts: 4
did have day where I did the midweek with the teens, did a short class, had a questions and answer time, was great.
looking forward to next time.
We are having Cr here in Orlando today. Plus I picked up my 19 year medallion in my NA homegroup last month. Doing step work with a sponser too. alien
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