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Adapting to the new CR changes

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Fri May 14 2010, 02:38PM
val719 Registered Member #159 Joined: Tue Sep 25 2007, 12:41PM
Posts: 1
Hi there. We recently started having CR again at our church after not having it for about a year. I co-led for about 4 years prior. I was really excited to read the notes from the recent conference and think that the updates will mean even more humility and support for our "graduates". The question I have is regarding total abstinence from alcohol and drugs. We used to require this as one of the rules. The new rules do not include it and with the new, open CR group I am confused about requiring this from the members. Can someone provide insite as to how we are treating this? It seems a little pointless to have CR if people do not stop using or are using substances outside their drug of choice. Thanks!
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Wed May 19 2010, 05:38PM
hmullan Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Mon Aug 09 2004, 03:49PM
Posts: 25
First of all, let me say that it is great that you are restarting CR in your Church. (Maybe you could mention where that is.)
Secondly, that is a great question. The rules do say
"You may not bring drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia into this group." However this refers mainly to on their person and not in their person.
With an open group, you will have people attend who have very recently used, or who are still currently using or who may even come in high! Having a requirement of someone being abstinent just to attend CR won't work. If they could do that they would not need to come.
The point of them coming is for them to get well. If they don't want to get well, they will stop coming. The last place a user wants to be is in a room of ex users. The goal is for them to stop using and they will need the help the group provides. If everyone in the room is there to work on their own recovery then the addict who is still using will get the help they need.
I have a lot I could write here but I want to make sure I understood your question right. Has what i wrote answered your question? If not, please clarify. Thanks and let us know where you meet so we can add it to our locations.

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