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CR in Spokane, WA

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Mon Nov 01 2010, 04:17PM
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I am currently gathering resources from this website to start a CR ministry here in Spokane, WA (Spokane Christian Church). I am also a recovering addict from drugs(7yrs) and alcohol(8 mos), focusing currently on my addiction to tobacco. I am not a naturally gifted speaker or communicator and so I find it difficult to convey this area of need to my church. I am actually a nervous wreck when trying to verbally communicate even little details to one or more people. My question is, what would be a good modeled plan for me to bring in front of my church leaders to get CR going in my church considering my verbal communication skills? I have been attending Celebrate Recovery groups for my sobriety for some time now at non-ICOC affiliated churches and have had to put up with their lack of commitment to "Total Recovery" and to God's word for quite awhile. I am open for any suggestions you can offer me> Thank you!
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Wed Nov 17 2010, 04:45PM
hmullan Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Mon Aug 09 2004, 03:49PM
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Hey Jeffrey,
It is great that God has put it on your heart to start a CR Ministry at your Church. When you use the word "plan", what do envision that to be? What could be put together that would help you convey what you need to convey?

Also, do you have anyone else with the same dream as you insofar as CR is concerned that can help you get it up and running. Let me know your answers
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Fri Nov 19 2010, 08:34PM
Registered Member #362 Joined: Wed Dec 31 1969, 07:00PM
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Yes, I envision a CR format  being similar to the NY church CR but a hybrid including other addictions besides chemical, alcohol,and tobacco. I do have a group of 4-5 disciples meeting on saturdays to discuss getting the group started, but I think the ideas are getting ahead of themselves such as trying to add 12 step and first principle studies. I like the 12 step idea, except it boggs down and pushes back the launch date of our CR ministry. I think we need to convey a basic CR format and then add these ideas as we go. Also, it would make things alot simpler to bring it infront of my church's leadership board. I also have a brother out visiting from the Maryland church who is part of their CR ministry and he has been a big help getting this to where it is. If it's god's will then it'll happen. Thanks for responding to my post.
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