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Category: Points of Interest (2)
These are sites that we find interesting for one reason or another.
Home of the e107 website script
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Category: Recovery Sites (11)
These sites are helpful and/or informative for the addict in recovery.
Alcoholics Anonymous
An invaluable resource to those suffering from acohol addiction. Features the Big Book Online edition.
AA Meeting List (NY-NJ-CT)
A great resource to find an AA meeting in the tri-state area. Regularly updated.
Narcotics Anonymous
Lots of great information and support for those suffering from narcotics addiction.
Treatment Facility Locator
Locate the nearest drug and alcohol abuse treatment center nearest you.
American Society of Addiction Medicine
ASAM's mission is to increase access to and improve the quality of addictions treatment.
Rehab Info
If you have reason to believe a friend or loved one needs treatment for a substance abuse problem, mental health disorder or a behavioral issue, chances are, they do. By the time you begin to notice behaviors out of the norm in the individual in question, they likely have been suffering with their conditions for sometime. It’s commonplace for a person with an addiction or mental illness to attempt to hide it from friends and loved ones for as long as they can. For this reason, it’s important for you to recognize the signs and symptoms of any issues that might require rehab.
Drug Slang Database - FIXED
Drug slang is constantly changing and evolving. Some terms are universal, yet others solely exist among groups of friends. Whether you're a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer, or simplay a concerned friend - it's important to stay up to date on the latest drug related slang terms.
Take Courage Coaching
We design a specialized life coaching program exclusively for individuals with chronic pain. We teach and reinforce healthy pain management behaviors. Using a self-management approach, we offer education, support and motivation, increasing your long-term success. You can anticipate that you will be more satisfied with your life, as you learn better ways to solve problems and cope with the stress of chronic pain. We seek to stay on the cutting edge, always learning more on this subject.
Rebecca Curtis, 406-586-0540
Email: @
Al-Anon \ Alateen
Is your life affected by someone's drinking? Before you can help them - you have to help yourself. For families and friends of Alcoholics.
SAMHSA's vision is a life in the community for everyone.
SAMSHA's mission is to build resilence and facilitate recovery for people with or at risk for substance abuse and mental illness.
The Partnership for Drug Free Kids
Founded in 1987 as an anti-drug advertising campaign and formerly known as the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing teen substance abuse and helping families impacted by addiction.
Category: Spiritual Sites (4)
These sites contain information or products to aid in spiritual growth.
Disciples Today
To inform, inspire, teach, unify and record the history of disciples of Jesus today. Our goal is connection of disciples and churches so that we might glorify God, mature as Christians, deepen our fellowship and accomplish God's dream for every person to have the opportunity for a relationship with him.
To provide a comprehensive connection to relevant, verified and credible information about the International Churches of Christ, a family of churches that stretches around the world.
Hope Worldwide
HOPE worldwide is a non-profit charity, headquartered in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. HOPE worldwide's mission is as simple as its name: to bring hope to a hurting world.
Church Directory and Websites
A listing of all ICOC churches and their websites if available.
ICOC Hot News
Icoc HotNews was created by Mike Taliaferro and Justin Renton with the simple goal of making available information and news from the ICOC (International Church of Christ) congregations around the world. Our goal is to inform, give opinion and keep up to date with developments within this family of churches.

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