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SPUN (2002)

Spun1Spun is an unclassifiable ensemble piece, intentionally bleached of soulfulness and high on visual invention and comic depravity. Set in north Los Angeles, where meth freaks lurch from one motel room to another in search of companionship and a score, the film stars Jason Schwartzman as Ross, whose life is rapidly disintegrating.

Fielding phone messages from his mother and trying in vain to reach an old girlfriend, Ross spends most of his time on a feverish circuit with the half-mad Cookie (Mena Suvari) and Nikki (Brittany Murphy), the dangerously paranoid Spider Mike (John Leguizamo), and a macho drugmaker called the Cook (Mickey Rourke).


Our Take:We tried to sit through this movie, honest. It was simply terrible. It starts badly and gets worse. It has the same annoying jerky motion effects as Requiem For A Dream. It was bad there and it is worse here. The storyline is vapid with contrived characters The movie is unnecessarily soaked in obscene language. Some bad language would be tolerable if the movie had any redeeming qualities, but here it is simply gratuitous. The cast is in itself a talented bunch but here they are working with a dead animal.

Movies for CR can be gritty but should be relatable with some redeeming qualities. There is hope for the addict and good CR movies should show this. This does not mean that every good CR movie has a happy ending, but at the same time it should have a decent script that details the reality of drug abuse without it trying to look like a Matrix rip-off. Good storytelling is always better than special effects. (See: The Lost Weekend)

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 - 11:15:00

The Lion Never Sleeps

The LionIn this gripping account of the power, savvy and determination of the lion, author Mike Taliaferro brings to life the biblical analogy of Satan as a "roaring lion looking for someone to devour." To say that Mike will wake you up is putting it mildly. He will shock you, frighten you and help you understand the might of your enemy. But he will not leave you in fear. He clearly shows God's plan for defeating the enemy who wants to prey on you and on those you love and lead.

This book will not take long to read, but it will change you forever. Mike Taliaferro graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1981 with a bachelors degree in Bible. Mike and his wife, Anne-Brigitte, have planted and led churches in South America and Africa. Mike now leads the Mission Point Christian Church in San Antonio, Texas. Mike also serves as Executive Editor for ICOC Hot News. See their website for all the latest news. HotNews.com

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 - 00:25:00

The Lost Weekend (1945)

TlwOur Take: Classic drama about N.Y.C. writer struggling with alcoholism. Critics consider this a masterpiece of serious filmmaking. Still appeals to genre fans seeking gritty, character-driven fare with strong dramatic value. This is a brilliant piece of movie-making. This looks at addiction in a real way without trying to 'Hollywoodize' it. It is a pity that it did not deal with the recovery side more but little was known about it when this was made. Definitely worth seeing.

Don Birnam, long-time alcoholic, has been "on the wagon" for ten days and seems to be over the worst; but his craving has just become more insidious. Evading a country weekend planned by his brother Wick and girlfriend Helen, he begins a four-day bender. In flashbacks we see past events, all gone wrong because of the bottle. But this bout looks like being his last...one way or the other. Written by Rod Crawford @

The unsuccessful writer Don Birnham is an alcoholic. Only his brother Wick and girlfriend Helen managed to keep him sober for 10 days and plan a little vacation on the countryside for the weekend. But Don manages to send them both away the evening before. Alone at home, without any money, he's desperate for something to drink. Written by Tom Zoerner @

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 - 00:21:00

Too Great A Price

StoriesI am an addict. My drug of choice is cigarettes. It used to be, one on the way to dance class, one before class, two or three in between class, two after class, three after lunch, one every hour to half hour depending on the level of bitterness in my heart, and an entire pack chain-smoked at night.

Can a human body really take that much smoke? Apparently so, because this was my life.I smoked in order to shut off all feeling. I was bitter about the loneliness that I felt and the rejection that I received in life. I felt as though I would destroy everything in my path if I let myself feel all the rage that was in my heart.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005 - 22:20:00

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