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Band of Brothers

 Editor    Nov 13 : 15:14
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Complete this metaphor in your own words: Life is ...!

Band of BrothersComplete this metaphor in your own words: Life is ...! 
Some would say it is a roller coaster with its ups and downs. Others would say it is a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. Still others will say it is but a dream or a game.

What metaphor does God use to describe life? Revelation 12 tells us that life is a war. This of course is much more than a metaphor; it is the reality of the situation in which we live. If we are in fact at war against Satan and the forces of evil in the heavenly realm than we ought to act as soldiers — we ought to see each other as a Band of Brothers. 

Soldiers have a mission. They operate in small groups called platoons and smaller yet--squads. The CR groups we attend are equivalent to squads. As a squad we should see our mission as much more than a meeting occurring once a week for an hour and a half but rather as a tactical operation requiring daily advancing together.

Think about how we have typically studied the bible with people in the past. A guy studying in a particular bible talk would be found to have a drug past and would attend CR to help him towards conversion to Christianity. The CR fellowship was pretty much limited to the hour and a half weekly meeting. But what about taking the CR perspective and incorporating it into how this person approaches life and Christianity. Would it not make all the sense in the world for those in CR who could know this person on a much deeper level, who know the deceitful nature of the addict and the "stinkin thinking" so pervasive in this individuals life, to be in those life changing studies?

Christianity should be a paradigm shift in the way we think, should not that shift contain in its fabric the CR mentality that life is about Total Recovery and Accountability and Biblical Authority and Truth in Love and all that CR is about? As a Band of Brothers we are the most qualified to train up the new soldiers in the battle against addiction and the world. No longer is it acceptable to meet as soldiers once a week; we need take a much more active and deliberate role in the lives and conversions of the addict to Christianity.

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