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Good News Anyone?

 Editor    Nov 08 : 23:46
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My wife gave me a stiff elbow in my side, " Are you going to work?

Good NewsMy wife gave me a stiff elbow in my side, " Are you going to work?"
"Yeah! Why?" I groggily replied,
"Because, it's 6:00AM! " she said, with alarm
"Why didn't the clock alarm go off?" I asked myself,"Oh, I forgot to change to A.M.! Again!".
Of course, her alarm was justified, as I was due at  my job at 6:20AM!!! It takes about 15 minutes for me to get to work ( if my cab comes on time! ) So I jumped up and called my job and told them I might be about 5-7 minutes late. I then called a cab. I did a Superman wardrobe change, threw some water on my face and bolted out of the house.

As I reached the desk of my dispatcher, I noticed that I was a few minutes over the 10 minute grace allowance. The dispatcher looked at me and said the words I dreaded, "Your run is gone, sorry." At that time, I felt all the energy drain out of me. A growing malaise engulfed my thinking. I knew I should have waited around to see if anyone else, missed work (then I might be able to work that run) but I just wanted to leave. As I walked out I felt like I wanted to leave my job, period! Quit!

I started thinking that I was a screw-up, a failure, useless! We needed that money! Now on top of losing a days pay, I'll be getting a violation for being AWOL! I will have to tell my wife what happened, as well as, what didn't ( because I know she will ask why didn't I try to stay and get something else! ) My thinking had entered, " The Negative Zone!"That kind of thinking had triggered many bouts of smoking marijuana - in years past..That kind of thinking had triggered many bouts of smoking marijuana - in years past (Getting high had replaced getting it together, in my life)

Thank God! There is a place that reminds me that I do have good news! My Broken Chains Chemical Recovery Group! In it we ask the question, "Good news anyone?" Now, there are apt replies to this question, but they come with great thought and diligent perseverance! Why? I'm glad you asked! Finding good news in the life of an addict is hard – for the addict! We like to review the negative. But once you start looking you will uncover a multitude. I'll list a few of mine:

I'm a born again, baptized, Holy Spirit infused Christian on my way to eternity with Jesus Christ!.
I have a beautiful, intelligent, spiritual, creative wife – who wakes (me) up without an alarm!
I have great, fun loving, intelligent, thoughtful children
I have a loving family & relatives & in- laws!
I have great friends ( in church and out!).
I have a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, clean running water ( hot & cold, ) clothes on my back, electricity, a/c, heat, a job I can complain about, a non-operating car siting in my garage ( think if all I had was an empty space I was paying for? )
When I look out my window I don't see scenes of war and mayhem. I live in a strong democratic,wealthy. prosperous free country!

Good news is good for you! It erases the falsehoods we are bombarded with day after day and replaces it with truth! My life is good, after all! For an addict like me – THAT"S GOOD NEWS!

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