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Recovery Without Rules

 Editor    Jul 23 : 00:50
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When I was young and foolish, I hated rules.

RulesWhen I was young and foolish, I hated rules. I saw them as something crying out to be broken - and I did break as many as I could.

As I got older and entered recovery, I learned that the adage "Nothing is Free" was very true. As I progress through  my recovery I see that I have something to pay for every broken rule.

In the book of Genesis we see that the very first gift God gave to mankind was a rule, an instruction to not eat from a particular tree in the garden. Without this rule, man couldn't go wrong. He also couldn't show the extent of his love for God. Without a way to show someone that you hate them , you can't possibly show them you love them.

Now you may ask, if God didn't want them touching the tree, why didn't he just put a big wall around it or a few muscular angels with swords and this would have deterred Adam and Eve? Truth be told, you have to be allowed to break the rules. That has to be an option open to you to choose. I can't tell how I am doing if there are no rules. They act as a barometer as to my relationship with God.

In the CR group I attend, we have rules. They are clearly written on a poster board clearly visible at the front of the room. I have heard some people complain about the rules saying that they are a hinderance to the person who wants to recover. They will not feel comfortable in the room with those big bad rules over their heads. I tend to side with the belief that Recovery without Rules leads to Sobriety without Substance. In my recovery, the rules tell me how I am doing, they give me a clear path along which to walk and they light the way.

I got myself into the pit by not following the rules, however I will not leave the pit by following the same mistakes.

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