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The $ 10,000 Ride Home

 Editor    Dec 14 : 09:07
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I just finished reading an excellent article on MSN regarding the true cost of a DUI.

Driving Under The InfluenceI just finished reading an excellent article on MSN regarding the true cost of a DUI. As recovering addicts this should not even apply to us but more and more I hear of folks who were once very Gung Ho about CR and their recovery now returning to "controlled drinking" Even as non recovering Christians we should never allow ourselves to overdo our drinking when we are out, but the fact remains that for many of us, we cannot control our drinking but we will never admit that we have a real problem.

That is OK because with all things God will make it clear to us that a problem exists if we continue to refuse to listen. One of the ways he may use is to hit us in the wallet or pocket book. Ask your self how many times have you driven home when you know you have had too much to drink. You may have gotten away with it so far but rest assured, you day is approaching.

I heard a story once about a man stopped by police for speeding and he complained that he was going as fast as everyone else and why did he not catch them as well. The officer calmly told the man that when a fisherman throws his net into the water, he does not catch ALL the fish, just some. Take a look at the article below and heed the lesson well. You may someday find yourself in that same net.

Read the article here.

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