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Truth in Love - Unwilling to Shrink Back

 Editor    Mar 18 : 22:27
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When I first became a Christian, I believed myself to be a pretty good guy.

Truth in Love - Unwilling to Shrink BackWhen I first became a Christian, I believed myself to be a pretty good guy. Now I know I wasn't perfect but hey- there were a lot worse than me in the world. At the time of my conversion, it was not acceptable for a Christian to drink so I didn't. However this did not mean that I had dealt with the addict in me. What I was doing, in reality, was people pleasing on a grand scale. I had lots of new friends, I was someone who was "talented" and could be moulded to be a leader.

I loved al the attention! Having been pretty much of a loner when i was using. My idea of a really good time was getting incredibly high and watching movies. To this day there are many movies that i have never seen "straight". However I was now becoming a someone with responsibilities no less. I had to protect this at any cost.

My thinking went like this; in order for my new found friends to continue to like me, I would have to continue to be pleasing to them. this meant learning to say the right things at the right time in the right way. I had to make sure that no one saw the real me as that was not a pretty sight. Let me say, at this point, that in no way do I blame anyone else for the way I acted and thought. This was 100% all my baggage.

Thanks be to God that He always wants the truth to come out. He put men and women in my life who were brave enough not to shrink back. They were brave enough to lay their friendship and love for me on the line and tell me the truth I needed to hear. I rarely made this a pleasant experience for them This was not a one time event. i have been a disciple since 1987 and God has been confronting me with the truth about myself on many many occasions.

One of my favorite scriptures is Galatians 6:3 which states
If anyone thinks he is something
when he is nothing, he deceives himself.

You will notice that it does not say if he is nothing but when . There is no assumption that we ever become more than nothing. We are precious in Gods sight but that is because of his mercy and grace and not due to anything we bring to the table.

When I become this scripture, I will not fear any truth about myself. I am saved and sober today because God tells me the truth about myself and provides me with the strength to be able to accept it and change. However, most often, He uses the people in my life who are willing to speak the truth in love to me. If only for the reason of freely giving what i have received, I must be willing to do the same for those around me.

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