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About 5 years ago I was at a business conference.

PledgeAbout 5 years ago I was at a business conference. As a group exercise we were asked to stand in front of any one of the many signs posted on the wall of our conference room. The sign we chose to stand under was to be the one that bore the name of the group we most closely associated with personally. One sign read “African American” another “White.” The words “Male” and “Female” were posted on two others respectively; “Democrat” and “Republican” on still two others. Stop right now and answer this question: where would you have stood?

I was reminded of this exercise when the other day I heard a political analyst speaking about the candidates for this years presidential election and how one was sure to win the black vote on account of he himself being of African American descent. Another candidate was sure to win a majority of the female vote as she herself is a female, and finally the last was to amass a huge white male vote by the same superficial standard. “So much for The Dream of being judged by the content of ones character,” I thought.

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