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My wife gave me a stiff elbow in my side, " Are you going to work?

Good NewsMy wife gave me a stiff elbow in my side, " Are you going to work?"
"Yeah! Why?" I groggily replied,
"Because, it's 6:00AM! " she said, with alarm
"Why didn't the clock alarm go off?" I asked myself,"Oh, I forgot to change to A.M.! Again!".
Of course, her alarm was justified, as I was due at  my job at 6:20AM!!! It takes about 15 minutes for me to get to work ( if my cab comes on time! ) So I jumped up and called my job and told them I might be about 5-7 minutes late. I then called a cab. I did a Superman wardrobe change, threw some water on my face and bolted out of the house.

As I reached the desk of my dispatcher, I noticed that I was a few minutes over the 10 minute grace allowance. The dispatcher looked at me and said the words I dreaded, "Your run is gone, sorry." At that time, I felt all the energy drain out of me. A growing malaise engulfed my thinking. I knew I should have waited around to see if anyone else, missed work (then I might be able to work that run) but I just wanted to leave. As I walked out I felt like I wanted to leave my job, period! Quit!

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