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rrose56 on 15 years ago
Wonderful. Will they be available thru this website?
Editor on 15 years ago
We plan to have notes and handouts and hopefully audio and video so you may have lots of info. smile
rrose56 on 15 years ago
Golly. Since I live in the state of WA will there be any notes/handouts things we can share in for us out in the NW?
Editor on 15 years ago
Mt Vernon, NY
rrose56 on 15 years ago
Cool, where will it be?
Editor on 15 years ago
The "Something Exciting" will be open to anyone from anywhere. smile
rrose56 on 15 years ago
I just saw the note to Renee (Hi Renee) will "something exciting" include Seattle or at least the North sector?
Editor on 15 years ago
Thanks Renee for your question and the good news is that we are currently working on something very exciting. It will be announced on here next week so check back then. Also have you signed up for the newsletter. There is a lot of great stuff and info on there. Thanks
Ed. smile
kittytat32 on 15 years ago
Hello, I just joined. I was wondering how we can get a cr ministry started in our church? They have nothing like this out here in spokane and they recommend that you go outside the church to a program called celebrate recovery. But this is more centered towards our convictions as a disciple and i want to see how me and my husband can help get something started like this for the church?
Thanks, Renee
Editor on 15 years ago
Hi Rochelle,
The workshop was held in NY. It was pretty short notice so it was limited to the Tri State area. We are planning to have a bigger one in the Fall.
The handouts are available in the Download area on the site.
rrose56 on 15 years ago
Great CR Pics from 08. WHere was this CR retreat?
Is there anything coming up for folks in the NW?
Editor on 15 years ago
We have just added a new Forum called "Chemical Recovery In My Church" This is where you can communicate what is going on in your area regarding CR. We want to encourage you to let us know how things are so we can keep you in prayer and thought. You will need to sign in to post to the forum. Sorry but it helps prevent spam.
rrose56 on 15 years ago
Is there a CR retreat in Arizona this year (2008).
JFusilier on 15 years ago
Great job with the website Harry. Keep up the good work; it's coming along nicely as is appreciated. This is really exiting and encouraging and the light of truth will shine as a result. To God be the Glory!
Editor on 15 years ago
Hi Martin, Good to hear from you Brother. To sign up for the newsletter again just click on subscribe in the Newsletter box above.
martindisciple on 15 years ago
Hey sorry I forgot to send my new mail:
Thank you
martindisciple on 15 years ago
Hello, I´m Martin from Santiago, regards to all my brothers and sisters in every place where are. I´m member of C.R in ICI Santiago Chile, I want please you send me the Newlletter because I change the e-mail where I recived that, please sorry my bad english I speak just a litle.
Regards for all, hug and kiss.
Your brother Martin
erotmil on 15 years ago
vessel4him, printout the classes for a start
vessel4him on 15 years ago
Hey Im interested in starting an outreach in my church. Need more info on teaching materials from CR THNX vessel4him
cadamo on 16 years ago
Hey everyone, I just started leading the womens CR here in the Washtenaw/ Detroit area. It's such a great blessing from God to be able to reach out to other in this way. I would really love to get in contact with more people, so please feel free to contact me! heart
Tom Messina on 16 years ago
Great time on Saturday,THANKS for all your hard work, look forward to the next time.
Editor on 16 years ago
Norma, I have sent the article in Word format. Hope you can read it OK. Bye.
smile heart smile heart smile
normaaguila on 16 years ago
It could just be my computer. I have been having trouble with it. My email is @ thanks again
normaaguila on 16 years ago
I am trying to access the classes and some of the links don't work. I need the class on worning signs. It is the last class in the list. Will someone email it ot me. Thanks.
ROBERT DENNIS on 16 years ago
hmullan on 16 years ago
If anyone has a photo of Carmen, please send it to me. I thought I had but am unable to find it. Thanks.

Editor on 16 years ago
Hi Michelle,
I will take care of posting it. Thanks for the submission. Also to those others who posted news I will be uploading those also. Thanks
torresm on 16 years ago
I submitted an announcement about Carmen Correa as a news story. We should perhaps put together a more fitting memorial for someone who has contributed so much. But it would be nice to see this posted in the interim. Thank you.
lewjohnson on 16 years ago
Know that I Love yuz
Brenda on 17 years ago
are you there
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