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hope on 14 years ago
My husband is a disciple...unfortunately, he had relapsed many times during this time. He recognizes that he has a problem and make many attempts to recover, but he fails again.... He is an awesome man when connected with God. The relapses had made him loose hope. We don't have a CR ministry in the area that we are at...
I in the other hand had not been able to remain righteous when addressing his sin. What can I do...
VERITAS on 14 years ago
In my opinion the best way to help someone to stay "smoke free" is to help them see that a drug is a drug is a drug. To make too much of the distinction between drugs can be harmful. Pointing a smoker to this site will help them with the root of their smoking: their addiction and thinking. The site helps us to renew our minds.
jmrobe1 on 14 years ago
Hey Linda,
I have a success story for you to share with our sister:
by the grace and power of God, through our LORD Jesus Christ, I have been smoke free for 8 years now. One of my favotite motivational scriptures has been Titus 2:11-14.
Your brother in Christ,
John (from St. Louis)
hmullan on 14 years ago
Using the search bar brings up 28 articles that include smoking. Have you read through them? If so, what do you feel that you need specifically
lindylulu on 14 years ago
In our group we have someone who is overcoming smoking. I don't really see much here about that. Are there any success stories out there I can share with this sister and her journey to stay smoke free. Thanks in advance
Editor on 14 years ago
Hey JoeAnderson,
Good of you to stop by. Don't be a stranger.!lol
JoeAnderson on 14 years ago
When asked a week ago to go to this site. I said I would. When asked this past Sunday if I did, my response was that I didn't. But before I could respond, the first word that came to my mind was "Addict". So glad to read through the site and experience these recovery encouraging statements and articles.
hmullan on 14 years ago
Hi Sparkiling,
Firstly, I admire the fact that you are not afraid to ask these questions. An addict, briefly defined is a person who uses a substance, experiences negative consequences, yet continues to use. How much or how often they use is not important to this definition. The negativity of the consequences may be felt either by themselves or by those around them as they may be oblivious to hurting others by their actions. Does this help?
sparkling on 14 years ago
question. I've been readying a lot of info, and i'm not sure where I stand. I mean I read stories of people doing lots of hard drugs for years and having years of drunken hazes; and for them I'm sure having the title of an addict is appropriate. However, what about the person who has used marijuana and alcohol on and off for a couple years and has managed to have several months with neither and really hasn't had any hard consequences? I'm i setting myself up to fail by not calling myself an addict or am I OK if i've had long periods of soberity?
Dathi O'Mairtin on 14 years ago
Seems to me there's been something of a scam going on. We certainly didn't learn about this side of Lincoln when I was in school. On the contrary, we were routinely told how irreligious our historical leaders were. Lincoln like so many others I've been learning about seemed to be more of a christian than many of our contemporary Christian leaders. What else have they been hiding from us?
JFusilier on 14 years ago
CR for teens, no, but if a teen is old enough to get high he needs to be in a room of adult addicts. No need for a specialized teen group.
Working Progres on 14 years ago
CR/TR broken chains Women's group in Westchester would like to welcome all women who are in need of healing from addictions, codependencies, & as enablers. We are a family of women who are determine to heal from our past and would love for others to join us and give God his Glory as we transform.
Working Progres on 14 years ago
Do we have CR/TR for teens?
hmullan on 14 years ago
Have you ever read The Recovery Book? I would highly recommend it. I am currentky reading Beautiful Boy which is a good read.
needinghelp on 14 years ago
it's been a while since i worked my cr program. can anyone recommend a good book to read to get back into the recovery mindset?
hmullan on 14 years ago
Thanks vessel4him
It is tough to be a father, tougher to be a Christian father and even tougher to be a Christian father in recovery. Kudos to all you men out there. Make yourselves heard! You HAVE something to say.
vessel4him on 14 years ago
Happy Fathers Day 4 all u Fathers out there!!!
cradmin on 14 years ago
Please go to the Forum and let us know how your CR group is doing. Thanks
disciplecoastal on 14 years ago
Thank you for the prayers!! "Therefore confess your sins and pray for each other so that you may be healed" James 5:16
Thank you
cradmin on 14 years ago
We will be praying that God will make clear their need to get help in recovery. Thanks for letting us know about them.
disciplecoastal on 14 years ago
HI CR family
My parents are slowly killing themselves thru their addiction and it is ripping out my heart. Please pray for them.
Their first names:
Gary & Bonnie

I just do not know what to do!!

hmullan on 14 years ago
The forum has been fixed and is back on line
Editor on 14 years ago
The forum has been taken off-line until a bug has been resolved that is allowing hacking into it.
hmullan on 14 years ago
Just finished a massive upgrade to this site. You may see a few differences but not too many...yet.
The group locations is gone and we will be looking at a better way of presenting this in the future. If you see a bug or something unusual going on with the site, drop me a line on the Contact Us form. Thanks.
hmullan on 14 years ago
We are hoping to more messages in the near future.
sphassl on 14 years ago
I would like to hear more messages...we don't have CR where I am right now...they're working on putting a group together though...
Editor on 15 years ago
The messages have been posted in the Download section - Check them out.
Editor on 15 years ago
What a time!! It was great having so many of you come to NY for the workshop. It was an honor to serve both you and our Father with the messages, encouragement and love that He first gave us. We are also very grateful to the NYC Church for paying for the event. I am working on the audio and video from the workshop and will have it posted asap. Thanks again everyone. smile smile
K9HNDLER on 15 years ago
Much "Strokes"to the NYC church for hosting the CR Workshop 2009. Maryland was ion the house and deeply encouraged. mark Flynn-Frederick Maryland
Editor on 15 years ago
Yes, they will be available through this site.
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