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Beautiful Boy - David Sheff

 hmullan    Dec 15 : 17:57
 None    Book Reviews

It is the story of a man and his son and the trail of destruction left by the son's addiction to Meth.

Beautiful BoyOne Sunday, a sister very dear to me runs up to me and tells me about a book she just finished reading that was heart wrenching. Now, my heart gets wrenched quite often as thanks to almost 20 years in CR, my empathy skills are well honed. She emphasized that once she had started reading the book she was virtually unable to put it down, completing it in one weekend.

It is hard to hear this and not have my curiosity piqued so she gratiously loaned me the book to read. She was right. It is a very hard book both to read and to put down.

It is the story of a man and his son and the trail of destruction left by the son's addiction to Meth. It's an everyday story, the details of which happen daily to countless families accross the world. The author in no way claims to be special but instead allows us to partake of his journey to help to educate and encourage us to stand strong. 

Nic Sheff is a bright, talented boy, destined to go far, his fathers pride and joy. He is part of a blended family but is loved deeply and knows it. He lives in the land where the sun always shines and the surf is always up. Parts of this book could double as a commercial for the California Department of Tourism.

However, even with having all these good things around him, he still winds up on the wrong side of the tracks, adddicted to Meth. The book tells Nics story through the eyes of his father. It chronicles the sleepless nights, the times spent scouring the dregs of streetlife searching for his beautiful boy. It takes you through the walls the father must scale to come to terms with his son and himself.

The book also serves as a wake up call to all parents. It is too easy for us to assume that "little johnny" or "little janey" wll not end up at the same place. What are we doing to assure that this is not the case? What is your plan? Satan has a plan laid out for your beautiful girl or boy. If your plan fails then his succeeds.

We recommend buying this book as it will afford you a view into a world that for many of you fails to exist even in your wildest dreams, but in reality, is just outside your door.


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