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Broken In One Peace

 hmullan    Nov 16 : 16:21
 None    Book Reviews

I finished this book a little over a week ago.

Broken in one PeaceI finished this book a little over a week ago. It was a great read and at times I had trouble putting it down. It is a great testimony to how God can bring us from any depths of despair into peace with him. It is vital that people understand that God can reach them and that they have not fallen too far from Him. It is worth investing in a copy for yourself or a friend.
You can also find out more about the book on outskirtspress.com. It is available for purchase there, as well as amazon.com and bn.com.

Mental Illness & Addiction, a revealing look in Broken into One Peace
published by Outskirts Press

September,  2012 – Denver, CO, and Burnsville, MN – Susanna Qua announced the release of Broken into One Peace, published by Outskirts Press.  Qua’s frank disclosure of her troubled past and her carefully described spiritual journey out of it is a model of courage, perseverance and dignity which offers both hope and tangible advice to anyone on a similar path or helping others find that path.

The following excerpt illustrates how poignantly the author is able to convey to her readers the confusing task of determining the roots of alcoholism:

“The moment that I crossed over from someone who merely abused alcohol to someone who was addicted is a little unclear. I’d like to say that I drank alcoholically from the moment I picked up a drink. There is scientific research to suggest that there is a physical component to addiction. I believe I am genetically wired to be an alcoholic. Generation to generation, it has existed in my family. Additionally, I learned from my dad how to drink in order to deal with my emotions. If I am angry, I should drink. If there was a bad day at work, drink would solve the problem. If I want to celebrate, alcohol makes the party. All of those little connections over the years formed a way of looking at alcohol from an alcoholic point of view. I don’t blame my parents for the fact that I became an alcoholic. No one put a gun to my head and forced me to drink. However, once I did pick up a drink, I did so strictly for the effect of alcohol. Why would you drink for any other reason? I know social drinkers would try and tell me other reasons, but I simply don’t understand or relate to those reasons.”

Through her own remarkable perseverance and innate sensitivity to the spiritual aspect of life, the author is able to arrive at serenity for herself.  Broken into One Peace offers a roadmap for her journey which both inspires and offers the practical steps one can take to arrive at that same peaceful destination.

What people are saying

“Life issues such as family dysfunction, addiction, abuse and bipolar disorder can cause us to feel broken into “pieces”; lonely, desolate, hopeless, worthless or confused. Through vulnerable self-disclosure, Susanna shares her experiences with all of these as she allows us to witness her personal spiritual journey. With great dignity, courage, and strength she offers others the hope of being ultimately broken into a “peace” which passes understanding.” 
    - Terry Norman, Marriage and Family Therapist

“God is telling his story through Susanna’s life.” Michael Curran, ADC-T

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