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I Pledge Allegiance

PledgeAbout 5 years ago I was at a business conference. As a group exercise we were asked to stand in front of any one of the many signs posted on the wall of our conference room. The sign we chose to stand under was to be the one that bore the name of the group we most closely associated with personally. One sign read “African American” another “White.” The words “Male” and “Female” were posted on two others respectively; “Democrat” and “Republican” on still two others. Stop right now and answer this question: where would you have stood?

I was reminded of this exercise when the other day I heard a political analyst speaking about the candidates for this years presidential election and how one was sure to win the black vote on account of he himself being of African American descent. Another candidate was sure to win a majority of the female vote as she herself is a female, and finally the last was to amass a huge white male vote by the same superficial standard. “So much for The Dream of being judged by the content of ones character,” I thought.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008 - 18:09:16

Christians Despise David’s Victory over Goliath
King DavidIn my many years as a Christian I have never met a fellow Christian who didn’t love or wasn’t inspired by David’s encounter with Goliath. We love how bold he was. We love his courage. But I believe that most of us don’t really love David for who he really was rather we love him metaphorically. We often speak about “Goliath’s” in our lives to represent obstacles and so we love David in the same way that we view him: allegorically. I believe that if David were alive today as a member of our congregation he would be despised by the very Christians who love him in Scripture.

Consider this: David essentially enlisted in the army. This, in and of itself, would bother many present-day believers. As a member of the United States Army myself I have been approached by many believers and asked how it is that I could be in the army and be a Christian. Some have asked weather it was not in conflict with my faith in God to be a part of the army. Still others ask if I could kill a person in the line of duty as a disciple of God. These are only the Christians “bold” enough to approach me, what of the others not so bold?

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Thursday, August 07, 2008 - 17:55:56

Recovery Without Rules

RulesWhen I was young and foolish, I hated rules. I saw them as something crying out to be broken - and I did break as many as I could.

As I got older and entered recovery, I learned that the adage "Nothing is Free" was very true. As I progress through  my recovery I see that I have something to pay for every broken rule.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 00:50:11

The Beauty of Never Having to Say "I'm Sorry."

Crocodile TearsThere is a phrase that I hear practically every day and that, on most occassions, makes me cringe. Sometimes it's on the job, sometimes it's at my weekely bible study group, or at church.

The phrase is "Sorry I'm late." What follows is almost always an explanation that embarrasses the listeners far more than it does the speaker. The excuse is usually pretty weak and almost always could have been avoided with a little planning. I am not really bothered so much with the present lateness as much as I am with the fact that the offenders are usually frequent recidivists.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 17:46:16

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