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CR Graduate Featured in International Martial Arts Magazine

 Editor    Jul 12 : 17:26
 None    CR Ministry News

In Jeremiah 29:11, God makes clear to us that His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us.

Budo International MagazineIn Jeremiah 29:11, God makes clear to us that His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us. He wishes to give us a hope and a future. For so many caught in addiction today, there is neither hope nor a future because they will not turn to God. The Chemical Recovery ministry believes and teaches that without God there is no true recovery. There may be sobriety but that is not the recovery that God intends. People like David always 17224157.gifinspire me because the power of God is seen in their lives. They are far from perfect, as David himself would readily tell you, but they show how much God loves us by the victories He has worked in their lives.

When David first came to group, he was very full of his own importance. He felt that he had achieved so much in his life that this CR should be easy. On more than one occasion he and I went toe to toe in group on input he received that he disagreed with. Over time, Davids commitment to God won out and he saw how God wanted to help him to be whole again. He graduated the group and has stayed clean to this day. This article needs to be written not because David is such a great guy but because God is such an awesome God. It is here to encourage you out there that God is alive and well and He is willing and wanting to be a part of your life.

David Washington was born and raised in New York, the Soundview Housing Projects (South Bronx). He began training Martial Arts in 1970, he has practised these styles. Sang Moo Kwan and (TKD-Kong Soo Do), JKA Shotokan and Japanese Goju- Ryu, hPage_1.jpgis current Rank is 6th Degree. He also has been C.W. Post College (L.I.U) Karate Team Captain, NYC Police Academy Karate Team Captain, U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Div (infantry). Now is the NYC Police Academy "Senior Master", Instructor Defensive Tactics / Weapons (40,000 Personnel Trained). He has received awards as Grand Master S. Henry Cho All American Open Hall of Fame Award. Kaicho Tadishi Nakamura (Seido Karate) Karate Appreciation Award.

He has taken care of the NYPD Security Details for President's G. Bush II, B. Clinton, G. Bush I, R. Reagan, N. Mandella, Princess Diana, Pope John Paul II, Rev. J. Jackson to name a few.

The full article is available for reading here.

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