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A Cure for Addiction - A Bridge For Sale

 hmullan    Feb 09 : 12:20
 None    Editorials

If someone tells you that there is a cure for addiction and you believe them, then there is a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you.

Buy the Brooklyn BridgeIt is difficult to switch on the TV or radio today without someone try to sell you a fix for some ailmant you may have. If someone tells you that there is a cure for addiction and you believe them, then there is a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you. Look up the definition for addiction in any dictionary and you will find words like craving, dependance, obsession and compulsion. Words this strong are indicitive of something you cannot easily walk away from.

In Romans 7:14 - 25, Paul empasizes that there is no escape from the addiction of sin except through the power of Jesus Christ. Even then it is not as if Jesus lifts us from our sin and then walks away, because we are then no longer sinners. On no account! Who of us can claim "I was a sinner and am no more"? It would be great to be able to say "I was an addict" instead of "I am an addict" but the truth is that there is no cure and once an addict always an addict.

This fact, however, does not stop folks from wanting to believe the contrary. This belief leads to unhealthy behavior. Instead of continuing to work on their recovery, they feel that they have arrived. Having some time under their belt is a guarantee that they will not pick up again. They have long since lost touch with their need for continued recovery. Many do not associate the trials they are now undergoing as having anything to do with their addictive nature Many of the things that were integral in their recovery is now a bore, a burden or something no longer needed.

Someone with this way of thinking does not understand the Chemical Recovery program. Why would I not want to embrace something that is going to help me? A healthy chemical recovery group is, put simply, a discipling group for addicts. It is a place and time where I can come and meet with my peers, I can learn that there are rules I need to abide by. I can go through the Traditions and reflect how I am working these in my life.
Am I seeking Truth in Love? Who is holding me Accountable? Why would I not want discipling by my peers? Sure I can and do get help outside of group but lets face it - I can run rings around someone who is not familiar with addiction, whereas in a CR group, this would not be possible.

In the past, once you graduated from a Chemical Recovery group, you were no longer expected to attend. The relationships you had in the Church proper would be enough to keep you in recovery. For countless graduates, this simply was not the case. Many returned to their prior ways while others switched addictions to work, anger or pornography.

The Chemical Recovery Fellowship is suited not only to the person looking to get clean and sober now, but offers a necessary lifeline to the one with time under their belt and who want to obtain what God has promised to them. They can get the support they need to continue in recovery and reclaiming the life they threw away.

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