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IRS Disappears in a Puff of Disbelief.

 Editor    Jul 09 : 17:26
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Too many today are quick to believe what they hear without taking the time to investigate.

irs_logo.jpgBelieve none of what you see, half of what you read and all of what you know is a gem of wisdom my Father gave me many years ago. It is as applicable today as it ever was. All around you someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, someone is trying to scam you. It may be a dying "Christian" woman on the far side of the globe, whose husband just passed away leaving millions that she wants you to have... for a small advance fee (www.scamorama.com)

It may be an email from a bank claiming your account has been compromised and they just need your login and password to verify.(www.snopes.com). If you don't keep your wits about you, you will get taken like a sucker.
Too many today are quick to believe what they hear without taking the time to investigate. We are bombarded with information form countless sources and the easy way out is to just believe what we are being told.

The Bible, in Acts 17:11 speaks of a group of people called Bereans who were said to be more noble that the Thessalonians because they did not take the apostle Paul at face value but examined the scriptures each day to ensure he was correct in what he said. The problem with this is that it requires work to investigate. It is so much easier to check you commom sense at the door and believe what you hear and do what you're told.

However, the consequences of this is that there are multitudes of people out there who think that what they choose to believe and the truth are the same thing. If they choose not to believe in God, then for that reason, He ceases to exist! How very foolish! If they choose to believe we all came from monkeys then it must be true despite the lack of even a shred of evidence to back up this fantasy. It is all too easy to go with the flow when we fail to, as the Bible tells us, "test the spirits"

In CR, two of the traditions we hold dear are Truth in Love and Biblical Authority. Truth in Love is key because if we wish to stay in recovery we must be seekers of truth, both in our own lives and in the world around us. Many of us were scammers in the past as we manipulated to get money for drugs. We are well familiar with lies of all sorts.

Biblical Authority is also key as this is the yardstick by which all things must be measured. This is the yardstick that is foolishness to those that are perishing yet which has stood the test of time to those who believe and are saved.

What you believe and are convinced of must be based on truth and fact and not on a desire to want something to be true. Wishing something to be true will not make it so no matter what the fairy tales tell you. If the theory that "what I believe must be true" is actually true then lets test it out. Right now stop believing in the existance of the IRS and the need for you to pay taxes and lets see if it disappears.
Is it gone yet? 

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