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NYC Introduces Heroin Use for Dummies Guidebook

 hmullan    Jan 06 : 23:10
 None    Editorials

Heroin is extremely potent. You may only get the chance to use it once.

Heroin Use for DummiesAt a time when US security forces are failing miserably to staunch the flow of drugs in this country, the NYC Department of Health has come up with a novel approach. The agency has printed and distributed over 70,000 copies of a how-to guide for heroin users complete with detailed tips on prepping the dope and injecting it into your arm.

The 16-page pamphlet features seven comic-like illustrations offering such useful advice as "Warm your body (jump up and down) to show your veins," and "Find the vein before you try to inject." It even encourages addicts to keep jabbing if their needles miss the mark. "If you don't 'register,' pull out and try again," it says.

 The brochure sends the wrong message about the dangers of the drug, experts said. "It concerns me that the city would produce a how-to on using drugs," said John Gilbride, who heads the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York office. "Heroin is extremely potent. You may only get the chance to use it once. To suggest there is a method of using that alleviates the dangers, that's very disturbing."

We in the Chemical Recovery Fellowship have a name for this. It is quite simply called Enabling and it occurs in too many drug and alcohol abuse situations in the country today. To clearly see the danger in enabling, one must first understand that for the majority of addicts, quitting their addiction will only occur when they reach bottom. This is when either the pain of using is greater than the pain of recovery or when they die in their addiction.
What enabling does is get in the way of an addict and their pain and the distribution of this brochure is a perfect example of this. From the outside it appears like help but in reality it ony serves to keep the addict where they are while making the enabler feel like they are making a difference for the better. Enabling can take many forms - paying rent for a loved one that was spent on getting high, not taking steps where spousal or child abuse is present. At every point it serves to keep the addict from recovery.
It is hard not to enable someone you love. It is hard to tell them that you won't cover for them anymore, that you will take the kids and leave or you will kick them out of the house. However the addict brings this pain on to himself. Pain is a gift from God to tell us when we are messing up. It is our wake up call. If we continue to enable the addict in our life then they will never recover and have the chance to experience what God wants for them in life.

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