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So Much More To See

 hmullan    Aug 03 : 11:55
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Let the truth be ever more revealed to you.

Hidden Messages Around YouWhen I was 10 years old, flicking through the cable channels, I stumbled upon a movie called “They Live.” The movie was about creatures that had taken on human form but could be seen for what they really were through specially made sunglasses that very few possessed. That being the case very few people even realized they were in the midst of these alien beings. The alien creatures not only disguised their identities but disguised their method of manipulation through advertising that subliminally gave humans hidden messages that also were revealed through the aforementioned glasses. Signs for Mc Donald’s now read clearly for those who could “see:” “eat me.” Cigarette ads now read “smoke me.” And so on and so forth. The movie intrigued me deeply because I had a feeling of certainty that it illuminated a reality that existed in life and I knew that at present I did not possess those glasses but I desperately wanted them. This yearning to see the truth has been a driving force in my life.

Mark records, in the 8th chapter of the gospel named after himself, a time when Jesus takes a blind man away from the crowd to spit into his eyes in an effort to help him be cured of his blindness. When asked what he saw the blind man tells Jesus he saw people who looked like walking trees. While this was much better than being completely blind Jesus’ work with this man was not done. Again he spits into the man’s eyes and he sees clearly.
Studying the Bible some 15 years ago was an eye-opening experience for me. I began to see that most of my core beliefs were the exact opposite of what Jesus taught and I saw how much more sense the Scriptures made than my beliefs. I was committed to repent of my sins and strive to live a pure life.
During my Christian life I came across the Chemical Recovery ministry as I was sponsoring a young man who needed it. I soon saw my own need to deal with my drug addiction and stayed for myself. CR opened my eyes to things about me and the world in ways that my original conversion could never do. My coming to the faith initially was the start of a wonderful journey, but CR was the second spitting in my eyes that had me see things more clearly. 15 years later I still attend a CR group for myself even though I graduated from CR over a decade ago. Why do I continue to go to CR? So that I can get my eyes spat into every week. Each time I attend a CR group I see things more clearly; things about my life and things about the world.
Consider this: you may not see things as clearly as you ought. You may be closer to blind than you think. It doesn’t have to be like that. Let the truth be ever more revealed to you. CR is an eternal fellowship that if taken advantage of can take you from “seeing” to “Seeing” to “SEEING…”

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