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The Accepted Dependency

 hmullan    Jul 09 : 10:51
 None    Editorials

Is dependency ever a good thing?

Looking for a handoutIs dependency ever a good thing? Most would agree that dependency on drugs can certainly be an extremely destructive and debilitating condition but what about other dependencies? Gambling dependencies has led even the well off to poverty and extreme squander. Being dependent on the approval of the world makes even the believer impotent to do real good and stand up for what is right.

We can go on and on about how many forms of dependency we admit are bad, but there is a form of dependency that is becoming more acceptable even in the Christian community that is quite troubling. That dependency is a dependency on the government.

As a member of the “minority” community (born and raised in the South Bronx section of New York) I have seen many crippled and stifled in life by an ever growing sentiment that the government has a responsibility to pay ones rent, food and other expenses. Of late that responsibility has extended to paying ones medical bills and mortgages.

Millions who otherwise would be productive workers and contributors to society have now been relegated to childlike dependency on other people for their livelihood. This is not an exhaustive analysis of government dependency but rather a call to consider why we recognize so easily the detrimental effect of dependency in so many arenas but fail to see dependency on the government for how harmful it can be.

Those of us in recovery must be fearless in seeking the truth. We must recognize and address dependency as we strive to Totally Recovery from, not just using drugs and alcohol, but more importantly a corrupt and polluted way of thinking underlying our addiction.

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