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What Kind of Independence?

 Editor    Jul 02 : 23:35
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Independence is the revolutionary lifeblood, which has long captured and stirred the collective imagination of the American people.

United States Flag surrounding the United States ConstitutionIndependence is the revolutionary lifeblood, which has long captured and stirred the collective imagination of the American people. In the sixteenth century the pilgrims arriving on these shores sought complete Independence from the monarchs of old Europe, and soon organized themselves into what ultimately came to be known as  Independent states. Their earliest founding documents reinforcing this spirit of Independence, ultimately lead to the authoring of the US Constitution, which formally recognized the rights, responsibilities, and Independence of the individual.

Interestingly, the settlers desire for Independence, was brought about by their belief, that human affairs were ultimately under the control of God and not man. In fact, the freedom they sought was never exclusive of God's authority. Rather they viewed His word and authority as being the justification for their pursuit of liberty.

Fast-forward four hundred years to our contemporary era and we find that the desire for independence is still a major factor in the modern world. However while men still yearn to be free, in America at least, the tyrant from whom "the people" now seek refuge; is none other than God Himself.

It's no secret that the Christian faith is under attack in our culture today. Celebrities, politicians and other popular figures, regularly single out Christianity from among other world religions as being the greatest impediment to mankind’s peace, progress and happiness.  The critical fingers of emboldened atheists, secularists, and radical homosexual groups today point with confidence to the church and moreover the Bible for harming and diminishing the rights and freedoms of certain Americans to do whatever they please.
How easily a fool crosses the line dividing liberty and rebellion. "The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and His anointed One. Let us break their chains they say, and throw off their fetters."  (Psalm2:2)

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