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You Must Pay For What You Get

 Editor    May 15 : 20:31
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As participants in recovery programs the world over can attest "blame shifting" continues to be a firm favorite with the unopen, disingenuous and those who are generally unwilling to change.

Pay For What You GetAs participants in recovery programs the world over can attest, blame shifting continues to be a firm favorite with the unopen, the disingenuous and those who are generally unwilling to change. Shifting the blame however, isn't peculiar to substance abuse treatment. Five minutes watching any of what currently passes for news programing unveils a smorgasbord of blame shifting served up nightly under the guise of objectivity. In American newsrooms stories are routinely filtered through a politically correct prism designed to rearrange rather than reflect the news of the day. The final result being repackaged news stories that somehow manage to turn real life victims into villains, and even convicted criminals into sympathetic figures.

All of this ofcourse has little to do with reporting actual news and more to do with wanting to make the news conform to a particular world view. In this case, one where "The system" is in some way to blame for negative outcomes instead of people who are portrayed as being helpless victims. The system in question is essentially God's system where as with the first man all who follow him are responsible for their actions. Sadly, while this now all too familiar phenomenom is neither new nor unusual (see Barabas vs Jesus)  our institutional acceptance of such dishonesty presents us with serious questions about where we are heading today as a nation, a people, and especially as a church.

In the sixth chapter of the apostle Paul's epistle to the Galation church, Paul loudly warns, we should avoid falling into the Devils deception that we can somehow escape the consequences of bad decisions and sinful choices. He follows up by equating this flawed reasoning to actually mocking God! God cannot be mocked. In a spiritual sense one plus one will never equal anything but two. Humanistic sympathies not withstanding, sinful choices will always yield negative results. These negative consequences are an integral part of God's redemptive plan for mankind ( Luke 15: 11-24 ). When we decide to not only excuse but reassign responsibility for negative outcomes, we slam shut the door of repentence on ourselves, as well as ensure that others won't ever discover that the door even exists.  

Our societies devolving standards for acceptable behavior imply we no longer see ourselves as being accountable to God. As a people our sense of justice is no longer bound to the same trust in biblical truth which has been borne out by two thousand years of history. Rather, our ability to discern right from wrong is now based largely upon shifting opinions.  Such warped logic is wholly unsupported by and is in fact contradicted by scripture ( 2Tim 4:3-4 ).

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