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To Eat Or Not To Eat

 Editor    Feb 06 : 23:22
 None    Question and Answer

I am a recovering addict who likes to eat out on occasion.

I am a recovering addict who likes to eat out on occasion. Sometimes the dishes I would like to order contain alcohol. Since these dishes tend to be cooked, the alcohol is no longer there. Should I be concerned about eating this or serving it to someone else with a recovery background?

When cooking a dish containing wine or beer, it is true that most if not all of the alcohol will get cooked off. However, even if this were not the case, there would usually not be enough alcohol in the dish to get an individual inebriated. The quantity of alcohol is not the issue here. What does remain, however, is the taste of whatever was used. This can act as a trigger for the recovering addict. The question should not be whether I can eat penne a la vodka, but whether it is best to place myself in a situation where I could struggle with wanting a drink.

The same goes for any situation. If there was a flavored coffee out there that reminded you of a drink you used to get high on, why would you want to drink it? It should never be a case of how close we can get to the flame without getting burned - wisdom must prevail. 


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