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Every Year I Got Worse

 Editor    Feb 04 : 15:17
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My life before the kingdom was a long endless road of misery with my addiction.

My life before the kingdom was a long endless road of misery with my addiction. Before I became a disciple I indulged in drinking almost constantly. I began drinking at the age of seven and continued through to my teenage years where I started smoking marijuana and tobacco. Each year I got worse, with my addiction separating me from my family and friends. I was failing at school and taking dangerous risks with the law just for the thrill of it.

...I found myself drunk in bars and strip clubs
My life worsened when I started to use cocaine and it was not until the age of seventeen that I decided I had to stop. However I still drank constantly with reckless abandon both for my own life and that of others, I was sent to a psychiatrist, but I only rebelled more and continued to get drunk and party.

At the age of eighteen I was baptized into Christ, but even as a disciple I fell short with my drinking. As a result of my not dealing with my addiction I found myself drunk in bars and strip clubs trying to hide the fact that I was still drinking. All of this was going on while I was a disciple.

I started attending the Chemical Recovery group soon after, but dropped out in 1999. A year later I was back to drinking even to the point of getting drunk in the house with my roommates. I grew very deceitful until I finally realized how I was hurting God and myself. I went back into the CR ministry earlier this year and just recently graduated. Now I have a new life again as if I'd been rebaptized, starting all over again. 

At the age of 23, I can see more clearly how ugly I became as a result of my drinking. I can finally live a clean and sober life, as I learn from my past mistakes. I am grateful that God allowed me to go through all of this because it's taught me to be strong and persevere. I have also learned that God's power is truly made perfect in man's weakness.


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