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Avoiding Bad Decisions - Willingness To Change

 hmullan    Jan 04 : 23:17
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If we're unwilling to change it's unlikely we're really seeing our need.

Willingness To ChangeIf we're unwilling to change it's unlikely we're really seeing our need. As one of our traditions, Willingness To Change is often described as the key to recovery, and for good reason. People who won't change, refuse to do so because they haven't been convinced their need is great enough. And while this may seem rational, it's only when we get into the consequences and fallout associated with not changing that the state of being unwilling to change can be seen to be anything but rational.

Consider a man who after consuming a certain food stuff became ill, violently ill in fact, to the point he was unable to remain in control of his actions and only from the reports of others was even able to realize what he'd done during his bout of illness. What would we say if the same man went back after some time and again ate the same meal that had earlier caused him so much discomfort? What might we say if he went back again and again to the same dish and always experienced the same awful illness? Crazy? Foolish? Stupid? How about unwilling to change? 

The truth is that everytime we make a poor decision, the negative consequences are not far behind. While our intentions often don't fully take the consequences of our actions into account, repetitive bad outcomes to our decisions should certainly put us firmly on the road to change. Yet we know this is often not the case. 

And so it may very well be fair to say that those who are most in need of change are often in fact the least willing to change. For those of us fortunate enough to have been saved from the ravages of drugs and alcohol let us not make the even greater mistake of thinking we've been saved from the poor decisions we are still capable of making. Of all the bad decisions we can make let us not make the worst of all decisions and be unwilling to change.

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