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Avoiding the Bait Car - Biblical Authority

 hmullan    Mar 10 : 21:04
 None    Traditions

If we fail to keep our recovery before us we will find ourselves ensnared in a bait car built just for us.

Avoiding the Bait CarThere's a show on TV called Bait Car. It's a reality police show. The police place an expensive car or truck, the bait car, at a location known for car theft. They make it appear as if the person owning the car left it there in a rush and forgot to lock the doors and remove the keys. The car is left sitting at the curb like a worm on a hook waiting for the fish to strike. Surveillance is done by police in undercover vehicles with kill switches and squad cars ready to move in.

Who will take the bait? Eventually some person comes by and notices the keys. They decide to take the car. The car itself inside is rigged with cameras and microphones so that we can see and hear what goes on with the car thief. An unbelievable aspect to this is that by now many people have seen the show and will comment that it could be the bait car from the show. Even with these warnings, they still take off. They can't believe that they are so lucky to have found this Escalade just lying around - waiting to be taken.

The surveillance team watches for a block or two and then moves in while throwing the kill switch disabling the stolen car. Immediately you can see the faces of the thieves register that they are in serious trouble. Their minds are frantically thinking of a way to explain how they happen to be driving this stolen car. When the police finally pull them from the car they pour forth a litany of reasons why they took the car. Once the police inform them that their whole escapade is on video, they usually say no more.

In our lives Satan lays out plenty of bait to set before us. Unless we are adhering to Scripture and relying on the authority of the Bible we will end up taking some of this bait. The bait looks good, pleasing to the eye and desirable to have but in the end, the kill switch will get thrown and we will find ourselves seperated from God for eternity. Proverbs 1:22 says - How long will you simple ones  love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? When we fail to have the Bible as the authority in our lives then we become the simple, the mockers and the fools.

In our addiction we despised authority. It got between us and the ones we loved - our drugs. The only good cop was the one that was somewhere else. To recover we must submit to Gods Authority. We must understand that we cannot help ourselves. Even when we get time under our belts we cannot afford to think that we are cured. In Psalm 51:3 David said - For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. This was what kept him a humble man. As soon as he forgot this he strayed from Gods word into immorality and murder. If we fail to keep our recovery before us we will find ourselves ensnared in a bait car built just for us.

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