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Eternal Fellowship - Choose Whom You Will Serve

 hmullan    Dec 04 : 18:25
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One of the new movies out for the Christmas season is A Christmas Carol. It is not good for man to be alone

Eternal Fellowship - Choose Whom You Will ServeIt is not good for man to be alone (Gen 2:18). This is one of the first statements that God made about his creation as recorded in the Bible and how true it is. It is not good for us to beAlastair Sim as Scrooge (1951) alone. One of the greatest fears that people face today is loneliness. Coming toward the twilight years of their lives with no one to spend it with. Having spent so much time and effort on pursuits that have availed them of nothing only to find out that they have cut off every single thread of friendship they ever had. Social sites like FaceBook and MySpace thrive because people need to have relationships with other people.

One of the new movies out for the Christmas season is A Christmas Carol. This is a story I never get tired of hearing. My favorite is the 1951 Alastair Sim version but to each his or her own.
     The story does a powerful job of painting the picture of a lonely man. He was not always this way. In his youth he loved and was loved and could celebrate just as well as anyone else. This was the case until he found a new god. His new god was money. This god took control of him until there was nothing left in his life but love for his god.
     There are countless individuals in the world today that fit this description. Maybe you are one of them? Just as Scrooge's was filled with loneliness, so might yours. We can harden our hearts to this loneliness so that it no longer huts us, but that is no real solution.
     In CR we have a tradition called Eternal Fellowship. We understand that indeed neither man nor woman was not meant to be alone and we clearly see the need for one another relationships in our lives if we are to retain our sobriety and strive for Total Recovery. Our fellowship is eternal because we know that we will never be cured of our addiction and will always need help but also we are convinced that we serve an Eternal God and Father who desires fellowship with us, not just for today but for time and eternity. 
     Today if you hear his voice, what will your response be? Will you settle for a god of your own making, a god who cannot save you or will you reach out for an Eternal Timeless Father who desires to make your aquaintance?

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