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Happy New Accountability

 hmullan    Dec 30 : 16:18
 None    Traditions

First, let us all stop a minute and consider how we did with last year’s resolutions.

Happy New Accountability
It’s not easy to write a New Year’s message as I am well aware that seasonally familiar words like “resolutions” and “goals” can quickly start sounding like those of Charlie Brown’s teacher: “wah wha wha” in our ears. For this reason I will keep my message short, hopefully sweet, and to the point.

First, let us all stop a minute and consider how we did with last year’s resolutions. Go ahead and pull out those resolutions you wrote down last year around this time (and no doubt kept close at hand as a daily reminder to keep those commitments you made). If however you did not write them down, but rather committed them to memory, then think about how you did with those promises you made.

If you lost those commitments, either physically or mentally, and or fell short of your goals, then let us consider just one of our CR traditions as a means of ensuring this year’s resolutions will be kept successfully. The tradition that will guarantee successful resolution accomplishment this year is Accountability.

Our victory this year depends on having a few good friends who love you, know you well, and are willing and able to do two things:

    1. Help you to create at least some of the resolutions you make this year and
    2. Hold you accountable to the things you vow to do this year.

Accountability works. If you maintain a humble spirit and allow, even invite, accountability into your resolutions, you will be successful. The people I know who have more accountability than most, through a strong connection to CR, (i.e. attending regularly and working their recovery) are also those I notice keeping their resolutions and succeeding otherwise in their lives (work, family, personal, etc.).

Keep it simple this year: get involved in the Chemical Recovery Fellowship, get the accountability of some good friends, and look back next year having accomplished something you may never have been able to do before: keep your resolutions that is!

Happy New Year!

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