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Hearing The Message - Willingness To Change

 hmullan    Mar 07 : 18:14
 None    Traditions

What is it going to take for you to change?

Willingness To ChangeWhat is it going to take for you to change? We don’t like change. As humans, we would prefer most things to stay the way they are. We settle down and get in the groove while enjoying the status quo. The corporate world is well aware of this fact and has written countless books and seminars on managing change and what to expect if someone moves your cheese.

God is a changer. He loves to change things. He himself does not change because He is perfect and not in need of improvement, however we are the ones who need constant improving. We are chunks of rock being ground to diamonds. This requires heat, friction and change. We don’t like that.

In order to help us to change, God can use any way at his disposal. He may use events in our lives, people, places or things. This means that it is imperative that we can separate the messenger from the message. God may test us by sending us the strangest of messengers with the greatest of messages. Consider two examples Jonah and Balaam (Jon 1:1 – 4:11  and  Numbers 22 – 24)

Jonah determined that he was not going to obey God and refused to make his way to Nineveh. God sent a big fish to swallow him and transport him to Nineveh. How must Jonah have felt lying inside the stinking insides of this fish? Children’s books always portray it as this roomy prison where Jonah could come to his senses however I believe otherwise that there was barely room for Jonah in the fish. God wanted to let Jonah know that He surrounded him throughout all creation and that there was nowhere that Jonah or we ourselves can escape from God.

Balaam was a prophet whom the Lord would not allow him to curse Israel. He was offered a lot of money to do so. Balaam failed to heed Gods command and God became very angry with him. Balaam, in his zeal for money, failed to see how his actions angered God. God put words in the mouth of Balaam’s donkey to rebuke the prophet and turn him away from his sin. So blinded was Balaam that it never occurred to him to ask his donkey how long had he been able to talk.

We too can easily be mislead into doing what we want do and not what God requires. God will send us a messenger to turn us away from our madness. It will be up to us to listen to that message. The message will call us to change but will we be willing?
Ask yourself today how willing are you to change. Scripture tells us that unless we are willing to become like little children we will never see the Kingdom of God. What a shame it would be to miss God because we did not want to change.

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