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Total Recovery - Knowing Nothing

 Editor    Feb 05 : 21:17
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I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.

Total RecoveryI will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. 1Corinthians 1:19

Nothing is worse than thinking you know something when you know nothing! Except, when you start espousing what you think you know to uninformed listeners! Then, it's downright sinful!

Every so often, a passenger gets on my bus and asks for directions to some destination along my route. I proceed to give them accurate directions only to have them shot down by someone else on the bus. With much confidence and aplomb, this person then redirects the person to the wrong place! Having already said my piece, I'm no longer in the loop of this sincere, mis-directed lalapalooza. At this point others are nodding and chiming in with their own pearls of wisdom- all wrong- but very sincere.

”Ding!” The “Request Stop” sign comes on and I see our passenger striding towards the front door of the bus, confident of the advice given her. I figure I'll give her one more chance. ”This is not the stop you asked for.” I inform her. She smiles a smile that lets me know that she appreciates my effort, however lame, and says, ”Bye!”

Jesus tried to tell many people things they thought they already knew but only a few listened: 

  • You have to trust me, the girl's not dead but asleep.( Mk.5:35-43)
  • You have to give up everything you have and follow me.( Mt.19:16-22 )
  • You have to hold to my teachings…and the truth will set you free.( Jn.8:31-34 )
  • You have to eat my body and drink my blood! ( Jn.6:52-53,60-61,66-69 )

When newcomers arrive to a CR Group for the first time, it is very easy and quite common for them to start espousing all of their “Street Cred” , “12 Step Cred” or “Recovery Cred”. They can have sharp disagreements with the way CR is run, with the rules or even the traditions themselves. It is at this time that there is a need for some “Truth In Love!” An expression that has been known for many years in CR circles is the recommendation to take the cotton wool from your ears and instead use it in your mouth. Some of you will be aghast at this expression, but in reality it is a kindness. You cannot begin to recover until you are resolved in your heart that you know nothing.

Total Recovery is not only turning over that rock of drug addiction in your life but every other rock, stone or pebble under it. Your responsibility to your family, friends, neighbors, job, finances, health, the law, education. Your social, political, and religious responsibility. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state. It all comes under the purview of Total Recovery. I stopped using my drug of choice before I came to CR but I had not totally recovered. My life was still reeling from the effects of my using: I couldn't hold a job. I lacked confidence in relationships - w/o a substance to bolster me. I made procrastination an art, unable to be honest with others or myself because of my people pleasing. I relished my own advice more than others having a form of humility but denying its pride! Being comfortable in my sin - even to the present! I needed God's intervention and I still need it today! My recovery cannot be relegated to the confines of four walls on a Sunday, for an hour and a half, before a small group of men. It has to stretch and grow and seep into every area of my life – just the way my drug addiction did! I have to shut up and listen to how God wants me to recover! Then when I get off this bus ride called life, I'll get off at the right stop.

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue. Proverbs 17:28

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