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Total Recovery - Total Commitment

 Editor    Sep 24 : 21:20
 None    Traditions

Most of the time only one thing separates those who succeed from those who fail, and that's total commitment.

Total RecoveryMost of the time only one thing separates those who succeed from those who fail, and that's total commitment. Our world is filled with great examples of this.

In sports for instance, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan is remembered not only for his considerable achievements on court but also for the degree of seriousness and personal discipline he brought to the game. Likewise in any other field we might choose to examine we'll always find those few at the top of their game connected by this same common theme.

It seems absurd then that anyone having discovered this winning formula would choose not to expand its application to every area of their life. Yet this is essentially what we do when we refuse to apply the hard fought lessons learned in recovery to every other area of our lives.

Jesus teaches (Luke 14:33) that unless we are willing to give up everything we have we can never be his discples. In other words anything less than a complete commitment to Him however well informed or intended will in time ultimately result in total failure. A decision to follow Jesus will never be convenient or comfortable. Infact the "New wine" of His message will quickly render useless our old self unless we are prepared for the total change that using " New wineskins" implies. Unfortunately we've seen too many who eagerly received and experienced the transforming power of God. And having been freed from their enslavement to drugs then chose to limit God's power to further work in their life.

Paul teaches (Rom 12:2) that we should be transformed by the renewal of our minds. This then must surely describes our recovery. A change of mind and a new way of thinking, and not just about drugs but about everything. Total recovery involves the righteous and therefore logical application of proven recovery principles to every area of our lives. Paul challenges us to no longer conform to the worlds pattern for living. Our lives were once patterned on futility. Today we should in every way possible use our recovered lives to showcase Gods great plan for all men, totally.

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