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Truth In Love - The Truth Will Set You Free

 Editor    Oct 02 : 15:42
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In John 8:31-32 we learn that the truth isn't something we possess naturally.

Truth In LoveIn John 8:31-32 we learn that the truth isn't something we possess naturally. In fact it's clear that we can only ever really know the truth if we are willing to unconditionally follow Jesus.. Jesus himself says in Luke 14: 25 that unless we willingly give up everything, we cannot be His disciples.

Giving up everything must surely extend beyond our material world and into the realm of opinions and ideas. This means letting go of the untruths that are uncovered in our pursuit of recovery. To do this we must learn to love the truth regardless of the form it takes, or however it might make us feel.

In Pro 27: 6 we learn that our friendships can be measured in a real sense by our willingness to be truthful with one another. We have a responsibility to tell our neighbors the truth about all things, and not just the popular half truths of the day. Ezekiel 3:18 lays the responsibility for speaking neighborly truth, at our feet.

This kind of truth warns a friend about the dire consequences of a bad decision. It almost always hurts before it heals, and therefore requires great courage. We should not be confused. Total recovery dictates that we deal with the way we think. The sticky web of powerlessness is fastened to faulty logic the effects of which continue to distort and disrupt our thinking long after we stop using drugs. The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. What greater love is there than to tell someone the truth.

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