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Willingness To Change - Conformity

 Editor    Mar 24 : 17:27
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In Romans 12:2, the bible tells us not to be conformed to to the pattern of this world.

Willingness To ChangeIn Romans 12:2, the bible tells us not to be conformed to to the pattern of this world. What does that mean? What is ist about the world that we must not conform to… its culture? Is it the way the world eats, drinks, dresses, thinks, entertains, fights, loves, hates, votes, sleeps, spends, invests, dances, sings, has sex, uses drugs, etc.,etc.,etc.? Well Yes, but it goes deeper than that.
2 Corinthians 5:16-17 says we Christians are not to take a worldly view of things because we are new creations! The old has gone and the new has come. Where did the old go? And what's new? Let's take a look and see what it is not:

  • It's not a new bank account - you'll still owe!
  • It's not a new waistline - you'll still be too thick or thin!
  • It's not a new hairline - you'll still be bald or balding!
  • It's not a new time line - you'll still be aging or old!
  • It's not a new clothesline - well, we will be clothed with Christ. But that's invisible!
  • It could be a new punchline - where you are the butt of the joke!

I do believe that it's a new spirit. A new way of seeing things, hearing things, grasping things! What used to make perfect sense, in your old self, now seems odd, foreign, even offensive at times! What is happening? We are starting to recover what we lost or never had. Turning the world upside down - the way God intended it to be.

I believe that we need to get a biblical perspective of this world and how we interact with it. This requires us to see through God's eyes, hear through God's ears, feel with God's emotions and reason with God's mind ( the mind of Christ!) This will not happen until we're willing to change! Our minds can be a roadblock to the will and Spirit of The Almighty. It resists change and clings to conformity. It doubts. It fears. It can get lazy, crazy, fuzzy, emotional, foolish, intellectual, philosophical or psychological on us. It is the reason we must renew our minds!

There was a brother in the church who would always holler out this word whenever he detected it in the message or meetings

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