Skype and Jyve Make Communication a Breeze

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Skype and Jyve have brought together a great way to communicate.

SkypeSkype and Jyve have brought together a great way to communicate. Skype is an internet telephony software which is free and allows you to make phone calls almost anywhere in the world. If you call other Skype users, it's FREE! You can also call Jyvenon Skype users for around 2c per minute by purchasing Skype Out credit from

Jyve is a FREE add-on for Skype that will let people know when you are active so that they can talk with you. Skype is a great quality telephone service but it also does Chat and Desktop Share so you can really communicate with others around the globe.

We would like to see how well this would work on the Chemical Recovery site so we need some brave souls to download and install Skype and Jyve on their PC's (Remember they're both free!). When you have set them up and they are working, open your profile settings for this site and add your Skype username in the space provided. Other members will be able to see you on the members list and and communicate directly and encourage you.

If you need help installing the programs, email us here at the site using the Contact Us form and we will walk you through the setup. Hope to see you online soon.

Skype can be downloaded from here and Jyve can be downloaded from here.

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