Getting Things Completed

 hmullan    Jul 20 : 16:45
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Do you have issues getting things finished?

To Do ListDo you have issues getting things finished? If you are anything like me you can have some brilliant ideas but they come to naught due to the fact that they never get finished. Back when I was using, I was a great schemer. In fact both my room-mate and I were one in mind when it came to schemes. We would come up with some fantastic idea - one that would usually lead us to lots of cash, would be legal for the most part and would require little work on our parts.

We would draw up intricate plans in a drug haze and talk about how great it would be when this scheme was up and running. The truth was, of course, that the schemes never got up and running. They would get started with gusto only to fizzle out a short time later. There would be no mourning of the unfinished plan because the next scheme was being formulated and it would be soooo much better than the last. Can anyone relate?

When we leave our life of using, often the schemes come with us. This is not good. The Bible is filled with people of God completing things from Noah to Paul. Even Jesus himself cried "It is finished"

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