The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)

Searing drama about drug-addicted jazz musician /card dealer's attempts to go straight.

MwgaFrank Sinatra stars with Kim Novak and Eleanor Parker in this riveting film classic, as a skilled card dealer and a former heroin addict. When he returns home from jail, he struggles to find a new livelihood as a jazz musician, and to avoid slipping back into addiction.

Sinatra considered this his best performance, in the role that earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in 1955. The music score legend, Elmer Bernstein provides the memorable jazz score, and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Music Score, as well.

The Man With The Golden Arm is a thrilling, unforgettable drama with exceptional performances, and is as timeless today, as it was then.

Our Take: This movie has a lot of powerful imagery in it. Watching Frankie detox will cut close to the bone for many of us. The 'cure' being brought about by 'the love of a good woman' is a little forced, but understandable considering what was known about treatment during this era. The co-dependancy of his wife was never explored either. Nonetheless, a movie worth seeing.

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