Empathy - Can You Relate?

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Empathy is about relating.

Someone Elses ShoesEmpathy is about relating. Relating to someone. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Entering into the feelings of another. What does that mean? Well, in CR it means that when people are sharing their experiences of how they picked up or were tempted to pick up and are open for feedback, we in the group can and do relate to them. Another word we use in the group is “identify.”

To relate or identify with someone you have to both think and feel. Now you may think that this is an obvious statement. However, many people don't do either! I've made many comments without putting myself in the other person's shoes. It's so much easier! If I just make a judgment about this person's lack of judgment, I come off looking quite impressive, right? Wrong! Not in this CR group! There is an art to relating. It is a skill, see Rom.15:2-3.  For instance:

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