Third Grader Busted for Handing Out Heroin at School

 hmullan    Apr 30 : 17:09
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young third graders are not immune to the impact of drug use and peer pressure.

Kids Dealing drugsIt is shocking to me that even young third graders are not immune to the impact of drug use and peer pressure. Sadly, this highlights the serious need to have deep talks with our kids at even younger ages in case another child brings drugs to school and offers them or pressures our kids to take them. If we do not teach them about the dangers and how to be bold and refuse to cave to such pressures, someone else will teach them that it is okay to try drugs - alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, even heroin

Third-grader busted for passing out heroin at school; drug bags had 'trust me' label: cops
April 14, 2010 APA

WILKINSBURG, Pa. - Police near Pittsburgh have confiscated what they suspect were 50 to 60 small bags of heroin from a third-grade student who was passing them out at his school.Tests will be done on the substance, but Wilkinsburg police suspect the 8-year-old boy was passing around the drug Tuesday at Turner Elementary School.Officials say the bags had the words "trust me" stamped on them and would have a street value of about $1,000 if the substance is indeed heroin. Wilkinsburg School District officials sent home a letter to parents says some students may have had touched the substance.The letter also asks them to discuss the matter with their children. Police say the investigation is continuing. No charges have been filed.

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