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 hmullan    Feb 22 : 14:53
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I have had moments of weakness and picked up that first drink, even after making that promise “I am not drinking again”

Recommitted to RecoveryIn November 2011, my wife and I both celebrated our 20th year as disciples. We worship here in the Chicago Church of Christ and what a wonderful Journey it has been. We are leaders in the churches Recovery Ministry, specifically Chemical Recovery for Men and Co-Dependency for Women. This Year I have recommitted to ignite my passion for helping as many as possible experience freedom from addiction, for I too have been set free.

I was born in 1970 in Angola, Africa during the height of the Cold War. This was followed by the Civil War after the country gaining independence in 1975 from Portugal. By God's grace and the hard work of my Father, a UN Selected Student in Washington DC, my Mom and her 5 children had been able to get political asylum and move to the US in 1979.

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