"Writing an Effective Recovery Journal" available for download.


We have created a trifold brochure titled "Writing an Effective Recovery Journal". It is available for download and printing in the download area.

CR Journal Trifold1We have created a trifold for download and printing called "Writing an Effective Recovery Journal". The purpose of this handout is to explain to newcomers and those needing to write a recovery journal, how best to achieve this.

It answers the following questions:

1. What is a recovery journal?

2. What should a recovery journal contain?

3. What should a recovery journal avoid?

It contains some pointers to remember and a place for the newcomer to write phone numbers of those he/she meets at group.

The information is in a simple format that is easily read and understood. Please distribute them at your groups and to anyone seeking to learn more about a recovery journal.

Visit our download area to get a copy of this trifold. You must be a site member to access the download area. Membership is free and we do not share or publish your information with anyone

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