Chemical Recovery Ministry Arrives in Central America

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

03a.jpgDear Brothers and Sisters: On Tuesday August 31st of 2004, God worked a great miracle in Nicaragua! The first graduation of the Chemical Recovery Ministry in Central America was celebrated by over 160 people!!! The first two graduates, Vladimir Gutierrez and Martin Diaz, were also appointed as the new Nicaraguan leaders of this powerful ministry. This ministry will help countless numbers of Central American people be freed from the sin of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; for many, alcohol is just part of the culture. This year God spoke loudly of His will to change this!! My name is Sergio Arguello and I serve as a Deacon in the Central Region of the Los Angeles Church. I was born on October 20th 1970 in Managua Nicaragua. My Father was able to get me out of the country during the revolution of 1979. My life changed radically as I arrived in the United States I now had every opportunity at my reach.

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