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My name is Robyn Soerries.

My name is Robyn Soerries. I was baptized into Christ in the San Diego Church of Christ in April, 2000. I quit smoking cigarettes one week prior to being baptized having smoked for 15 years. I had moved to California from Wichita, Kansas to get away from my life of drugs. I was a daily user of marijuana and also used cocaine weekly; daily if I could get it. I was too prideful to admit I needed help so I moved, thinking that if I didn't have any drug contacts, I would be forced to quit. This worked for my cocaine habit but I found marijuana in California quite easily.

After being baptized, I quit using everything but alcohol. I did not feel that this was a problem since it was never my drug of choice. However, when I drank I always craved cigarettes. After much unemployment and the rising cost of living in San Diego, I moved to Denver. With just two years as a disciple, I became over-confident in my power to "just say no". I was not as strong as I thought and was easily deceived by Satan's schemes.

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