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Creating a CR Graduation Certificate

 Editor    Feb 14 : 15:19
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When a person graduates from a Chemical Recovery group, it is a great occasion.

When a person graduates from a Chemical Recovery group, it is a great occasion. Their graduation shows the power of God working in their lives and that they have put their whole heart into working the program.
As such, a CR graduation is a celebration and when the graduate receives their certificate, for some, it will be the first thing they have ever completed let alone graduated from. For that reason, it is important that we give the graduates something to reflect their accomplishment.
The example below is simply that - an example. There is no standard template for the CR ministries. Use what looks best to you. The important thing is that the achievement is recognized.

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You will need the following items:

A Computer (Any size or type will do).
Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can get this here;  
A decent quality inkjet or laser printer.
20lb inkjet or laser printer paper, depending on the printer you are using. Try to get the paper with a marbled look as it looks better.
Someone who can write attractively. (Calligraphy, etc.)
An attractive frame to put the diploma in.

Complete the following steps: 

  1. Download the following file...CR Graduation Certificate and save it to your hard drive. This is a blank certificate in a PDF format. The file is about 1.5MB in size. It may take some time to load.
  2. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat which you downloaded above.
  3. Test print the file on a plain sheet of paper to ensure the printer is set correctly. If you know your printer is set correctly, this step is not necessary.
  4. Using the 20lb marbled paper, print out the certificate.
  5. Have your calligrapher fill out the information required; the graduates name and the date of their graduation.
  6. The group leader and co-leader or assistant sign the certificate.
  7. Place the certificate inside the frame and viola!

NEW  Here are two new formats to help create a certificate.

  1. A Microsoft Word template.(1.3mb) This will allow you to print a complete certificate using any font you wish.
  2. A tiff file.(2.5mb) This will allow you to insert the certificate into other documents.

Please remember, this may be the first award the graduate has ever received. Put time and effort into making it great. The award should look excellent.

This is how the certificate should look on the computer, prior to printing.

Many thanks from the CR Ministry go to Carl Mandiola, without whose help this would not have been possible.

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